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'Tram Town' Unveiled September 25, 2021

John Woodman

The introduction tour arranged for invited guests by BTS and its Heritage Team on Saturday was a formal unveiling of the new title for Blackpool's intended tram museum site - Tram Town. With senior Council leaders and staff present in addition to Jane Cole, MD of BTS, and Clr Paul Galley Chair of the BTS Board - the new logo for the heritage tram project was unveiled at the gates to the depot trackfan. Below : the 'TramTown' crest and title with Blackpool Corporation coat of arms front and centre unveiled. Watched by an appreciative audience on Saturday.

Below : And another unveiling this time of the new Heritage Tram Notice Board affixed to the fencing of the depot perimeter. This will give updated information (daily one hopes) of the trams in service and under restoration for the benefit of visitors. Clr Paul Galley (Left) and Blackpool Council Chief Executive with back to the camera do the honours.

A pleasant surprise on the track fan was a repainted Balloon Car 700 which has regained its wartime green and cream fleet livery as well removal of its windscreen louvres which were never fitted on the open top delivery in 1934 but appeared subsequently on the all enclosed Balloon cars in 1935.

A further welcome sight on the depot track fan was Coronation Car 663 or is it 327? Privately owned and undergoing extensive refurbishment presumably in its later non Vambac condition to compare with 304 and '660' also at Rigby Road. The sight of three of these memorable Blackpool trams again under cover in their former depot was highly encouraging. Its last destination being 'Burnley'.

In the foreground the newly fabricated underframe to go under Balloon Car 704 now in the adjoining Body Shop. An impressive job completed by the Engineering Work Shop and its core team. In the background admirers view Standard car 143 awaiting completion of repairs to its electrical equipment and carefully protected within the Engineering Work Shop for the time being.

All images by John Woodman. More to follow on this important event of 25 September.


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