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Three Down - Five To Go

John Woodman

Balloon 710 in company of the Twin Set saved through the efforts of the Late David Hunt.

Brush Car 290 in its Queen's Jubilee styling on display at the Pleasure Beach loop in 2011 - now a valued member of the East Anglia Transport Museum fleet near Lowestoft. Below : Sister Brush Car 637 in a dramatic night time setting at Wyre Dock. saved privately and now in need of a caring home.

Prototype Centenary Car 641 built in Blackburn seen here at Wyre Dock with its special Blackpool Football Club vynils prior to transfer to the display track at the Pleasure Beach loop.

Of course not forgetting Brush Car 621 held at Kirkham Prison for the FHLT before retrieval for the Blackpool Heritage fleet and Jubilee 761 saved by the FHLT before being turned over to the same Blackpool collection for posterity. Pointwork from Blundell Street Depot (south end) was gifted to the East Anglia Transport Museum for their new depot being completed this year. Sub Station controls from Copse Road Tram Depot are still being held in Fleetwood for use in a themed display. A single trailer was repurposed after storage at Wyre Dock and now provides a unique classroom in the grounds of Rossall School, while a further Centenary Car travelled from Wyre Dock to the Midands for the same purpose. Motor Unit 678 may end as a source of parts for other restoration projects. All enquiries please use out contact page on this site.


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