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'Snaps' at Wyre Dock of 637 taken by Mr Vegas

John Woodman

During the colourful visit of Johnny Vegas to Wyre Dock last week - much use was made of the accompanying film director whose resulting material will no doubt be considered for an Oscar or similar tribute in Britain's film awards. Mr Vegas also brought his own camera to record some of the almost distressing scenes he encountered during the afternoon - amazing results.

Nature encroaching on the south facing side of Brush Car 637. Below : A more flattering end profile of 637 with a trailer car getting in on the act. PS : I am reliably informed by Mike Morton that the hand painted design on 637 was NOT the final example of such craftsmanship per my earlier blog.

The other side of 637 looking slightly the worse for wear despite a handcleaning by the writer in 2020. Motor Unit 678 looks on dissaprovingly - All photos copyright : Johnny Vegas


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