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More Scenes From A Memorable Past

John Woodman

Hard to believe sixty years have passed since these photos were taken by the Author. Railcoach Vambac 208 - always immediately distinguishable by its inverted driver windscreens and enclosed trolley grantry - heads off on yet another trip to Royal Oak as it passes by the Town Hall en route up Clifton Street to the GPO in the far background (on Abingdon Street).

Marton Library tram stop with a waiting passenger and an impatient driver meaning to pass on the offside of this railcoach,.

A busy Abingdon Street with shoppers holding baskets crossing in both directions, A rail coach awaits the conductor's signal before moving off from the outbound tram stop (off camera).

A rare depot working from Rigby Road to Marton Depot traversing the three way junction at Royal Oak, A neat lineup of period cars follows behind.

All photos by John Woodman


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