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Michael Morton's Take on Blackpool Buses Today

John Woodman

A new title has just been released with a very limited print run dealing with Blackpool Transport's present bus fleet illustrated fine detail. Researched and published by Michael's imprint 'Podbaba Publications' coverage exhaustively deals with each and every individual bus currently operated by the company (in 2022). Michael has done an immeasurable service to future historians researching the company's varied and colourful transition over a hundred years of bus operation. Its publication is timed to act as a bookend to the age of diesel powered vehicles which are destined for withdrawal in favour of an all-electric fleet.

With Foreword by Jane Cole, Managing Director of BTS, and end comments from the Chairman of BTS Board, Clr Paul Galley, the title is a 'must' for followers of the resort's transport scene and highly recommended by this Author, who is plodding on with his own story of Blackpool's municipal buses benefitting from his firsthand knowledge of vehicles which actually arrived in the mid 1930s and successive types up to the present time.


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