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Lytham St Annes Tram - A correction

John Woodman

It has been pointed out by the diligent eagle eyed Derek Redmond that the Lytham St Annes tram service finally succumbed to replacement by buses in 1937 and not 1936 as stated in my previous Blog. Much against the wishes and aspiration of Blackpool Manager, Walter Luff, Lytham St Annes opted to replace its solitary remaining tram route (from St Annes Square to Gynn), with all Leyland buses. The new Titans were given full front bodywork in deference to Blackpool Transport's intention to operate this style of bus on the 11 service between the two towns.

Sadly no Lytham St Annes tram survived into preservation even though one of the 'Pullman' top covered design was retained at the back of the Squires Gate Lane Depot after closure of the route. Unfortunately it gave way to wartime scrap metal drives. Only the lower saloon of one of this class remained in someone's garden until it was rescued for long term restoration - a task taken in hand by a local enthusiast who managed to at least give the relic some tlc and a paint job in the once familiar pale blue and white tramway colours. For the moment the remains rest inside the Tramway Body Shop at Rigby Road until an organised and funded reconstruction can take place.

It certainly will deserve a place in the lineup of trams from three very different operators which provided the means of travel along the Fylde's coastline in former time.


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