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Heritage Trams - San Francisco Style

John Woodman

A packed Milan Peter Witt Car on the Fisherman's Wharf service. Faithfully repainted in the final all over orange livery of the fleet. Below : a Muni PCC car in the mainly green livery of the fleet of the early 1950s - not so many riders.

Below : Left a closeup of the driver's cab of a Milan Peter Witt in the later traditional green colours of that operator - heading to Fisherman's Wharf. And a PCC type in the paint styling of Dallas heading in the opposite direction from Fisherman's Wharf.

A small sampling of San Francisco Heritage trams lined up at the terminus of the F Line with representative fleet colours of the Minneapolis Twin Cities nearest, then El Paso and far left a MUNI style rendition. PS : El Paso introduced a limited central district tourist service using former PCC cars stored over many years locally - and now providing heritage operation in the city from 2019.

All photos by Gail Woodman during her stay in the city.


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