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Brush Car 290 - All's Well That Ends Well

John Woodman

Under dull clouds a smart haulage rig from Reid Freight contracted by the EATMS found its way to Rigby Road this morning - somewhat later than originally promised but nevertheless gaining the attention of waiting supporters keen to see Brush car 290 finally depart for pastures new. Among the many familiar faces was that of James Millington taking time off from his train driving role with Northern Rail.

James Millington - finding the whole exercise somewhat amusing as 290 is prepared for its transfer from the well worn sidings track alongside the Engineering Shop on to the low load rig.

While Engineering Shop Supremo John Houghton tries out his skills towing 290. Well done John - you can now claim your tram moving license.

eagle eyed readers will note that the tram has been reversed from its initial position before loading.

Two for the price of one. Standard 143 stands guard within the Engineering Shop awaiting its time in the sun - while preserved Brush car 290 stands ready for its biggest move yet - this time all the way to Carlton Colville and a new life at the East Anglia Transport Museum - thanks to Reid Freight (and the team at EATM) All images taken on 28 July, 2022 by John Woodman.

PS Colin MacLeod is nowhere to be seen on this Blog.


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