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Blackpool Buses

John Woodman

Those readers awaiting eventual emergence of the long promised book on Blackpool's buses will have to wait a while longer I'm afraid. The entire bus operation is destined to be radically changed in the near future as Blackpool Transport replaces its existing ADL fleet (and Citaros) with all-electric models of types yet to be approved. The bus system will have to adjust to this new era with consequent redesign of Rigby Road's Bus Garage and vehicle servicing facilities, as well as vehicle recharging points at key locations.

Work on the book has started however so that the final chapters can be readily added as soon as this important changeover is introduced within two years time. In the meantime the writer is assidiously seeking out rare images to ensure the volume contains as many new photos and material as possible. One example being that taken at Devonshire Square during the war years with an oncoming Leyland Titan in its wartime dark green roof condition, heading into town on the 15B service. Noteworthy are the anti glare covers along the Marton tramway's overhead wiring to diminish nighttime flashes. Whitewashed roundels on street furniture and trees are also further evidence of wartime blackout impact. The solitary traffic policeman on point duty has very little to do; but is furnished with white arm covers to aid visibility - traffic lights here came in the early 1960s.

Further updates on the book's progress will be referenced on this website.


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