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July 19 2020 Trams Return (in Blackpool)

A bright sunny day saw the tramway reopen last Sunday with familiar sights and sounds of Blackpool's Bombardier built trams running through to Fleetwood Ferry from Starr Gate. A reduced frequency service having been introduced on July 19th which results in three trams an hour along the entire eleven mile line. Operation is also foreshortened with the last tram departing Fleetwood before 8 pm.

Blackpool's Heritage Trams are not returning (at least for the time being) with signage being posted to this effect on the Heritage Tram Stops (see Below).

Strict directions on social distancing both boarding and sitting inside the trams is apparent from the platform and waiting passengers. Vinyls posted on the multiple access doors indicating which doors can be used for boarding - principally in the central sections of the tram. Seating is restricted by the use of fitted signage throughout the tram whilst floor vinyls at the entrances seemingly indicate where standing passengers are (or are not allowed) - but in the process are confusing to understand from an upright position.

More cautionary signage appearing on tram exterior doors from this week

And inside as well with consequent reduction in seating capacity.

Welcome on Board but Mind Where you Stand or Sit ! The Author gets told off for standing in prohibited space....

On my own journey only a single roving conductor was carrying out fare duties on board - with card and app usage being required. BTS is heavily promoting electronic payment of fares on both its buses and trams - with a view to eliminating currency transactions entirely.

On the same day BTS took responsibility for scheduled bus service between Fleetwood and Preston with two routes operating to cover variable journeys inbetween the termini. A sampling of these extensions to Blackpool Transport schedules will be undertaken in due course and reported on this Blog.

Preston Bus in Cleveleys. All over blue seems to be the new branding for the Preston company with an example at Cleveleys Victoria Road stop last week.

Approval to pedestrianise Victoria Road between the junction of Nutter Road and the sea front has been given. This will mean significant alteration to bus journeys to and from Cleveleys Bus Station which current transit Victoria Road. Dates for implementation of this change have not yet been announced by the local Authority.

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