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Sunday July 19th Tram Restart

Blackpool's trams will reappear in service from Sunday July 19th with service frequency up to twenty minutes and last trams running at 1930. Changes to fare payment are being advised but with no details; while seating is being adjusted possibly similar to the changed seating availability already instituted on Blackpool Transport buses.

BTS also plan increase in service frequency from July 12th on their bus routes.

There are no details on the heritage tram operation or whether it too will recommence. The importance of passenger safety with face masks being required on board buses and trams is a further factor affecting all services.

In further developments locally the Leader of Blackpool Council (Councillor Blackburn) has stepped down after a decade in this role. Barriers have been installed around the rear of the Wilko Building in advance of demolition work commencing on the whole site. This will see the entire structure removed to allow redevelopment which includes completion of the tram extension serving North Station and a new stub track terminal for trams incorporated between planned hotel and office projects (not dissimilar to the LUAS tram terminus at Connelly Station in Dublin).

The resort is endeavouring to assure a safe environment for residents and visitors whilst reopening many (but not all) of the leisure venues and attractions conforming to Government guidelines and regulations. 2020 will be a season like no other in a local economy dependent upon leisure and hospitality to a significant degree. Efforts to broaden the Fylde coast's economic profile are underway through initiatives of new organisations and partnerships.

Seeing the trams traversing the eleven mile line from Fleetwood to Starr Gate will be a significant milestone midway through the year.

Blackpool's 'Palladium' branded buses at least give a distinctive clean look - just a pity about the mismatched and frequently dirty passenger shelters.

A pink Blackpool tram - shades of the former West Midlands line colours running between Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Perhaps Blackpool might just be persuaded to rebrand its current depressing styling on the new fleet ordained by Blackpool's Council in a fit of misguided corporate brand exercise a decade past and now due for a rethink. Take a leaf out of the West Midlands rebranding this year by way of brighter minds at work?

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