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Aachen 1010

One of the more unusual imports in the British Isles involved the upgrade to the Snaefell Mountain Railway trams several decades back. The need to improve the braking and power systems of these veteran trams resulted in a contract being given to London Transport's engineering business by the Manx authorities. Withdrawal of a series of postwar bogie cars by the Aachen system with relevant equipment provided opportunity for the Manx Government to acquire sufficient material. A deal done involving LT resulted in the Aachen cars being shipped to London where their bodies were scrapped releasing the braking and other equipment to be refitted on the Snaefell bogies.

One Aachen car 1010 was however shipped complete to the Isle of Man and placed in storage for use as a staff room. Courtesy of Manx enthusiast Mike Goodwyn we have this souvenir of the tram being unloaded at Douglas. Regrettably the tram (built by local firm Talbot) has not survived although I came across a sister car fortunately preserved and on display at the tram museum in Liege in the earlier cream and green livery before Aachen opted to go 'red'.

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