A Dreck Weekend By The Seaside

November 24, 2019

November is never an inspiring month - especially in a coastal resort.  The visitors have left, the shows have closed, peoples minds pivot towards the inevitable commercialism which has taken over a Christian festival and in 2019 a surge of political activism further intrudes on daily life.  


Blackpool struggles to find any silver linings and even the awkwardly familiar heritage trams do little to brighten the promenade or turn heads.   Another 'Gold Weekend' attracts few punters despite promise of frequent service of ever changing cars running here, there and everywhere amid the reduced headway of regular trams.   Grey overcast sky and damp

surrounds is backdrop to a weekend turnout attracting sparse attendees and desultory enthusiasm.   Early Sunday afternoon rides to points north drawing a few hardy souls.



Blackpool's buses fare far better with residents - now with an all-Palladium turnout on Sunday schedules. Mereside Service 6 being a favoured destination - here with a 2019 ADL model Number 566 at the Market Street stop.



This time not an ADL example also heading to Mereside traversing the still unused Talbot Road tramline.  Whilst a little further along the 7 Service passes the nearly completed new hotel structure which will have a massive impact on Talbot Square's environs, and the still vacant platform inbound, for the tram service to Blackpool North awaiting its first passengers.   Sometime in 2021 being predicted.   



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