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Tram to the Train - Dublin

Dublin's light rail system presently involves two very extended lines all operated by a fleet of Alstom Citadis units from two depots. In addition there is a seperate electric rail network connecting suburban and extended communities around the capital. Known as DART - this operates heavy rail trains out of the mainline stations : Connolly, Pearse, Heuston.

Rather like the intended plans for Blackpool North the terminal station on Amien Street now known familiarly as Connolly - is linked to the light rail network through a short on street branch which ends in a double track terminus complete with scissors crossover. Escalator and elevator bring travellers up to the higher level train concourse (whereas Blackpool will have escalators bringing passengers down to the railway terminal building).

At Heuston Station the concourse outside of the station has high frequency tram service with spacious low platforms and numerous automatic ticket machines. The Dublin trams do not carry conductors but there are frequent 'revenue officer' inspections on board to deter would be free riders.

Above : Departing Connolly Station terminus onto the short extension that leads directly to the next stop 'Bus Station' before continuing on its run through the city's commercial centre.

Standing at the Connolly double track stub terminus - a branded Citadis car 3021.

No messing around at this terminus.

Escalators from Connolly Station concourse down to the LUAS tram terminus below.

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