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  • John Woodman

Flying Solo

A notable sight on Abingdon Street this lunchtime was one of the BTS 'Solo' buses which until earlier this year were still the mainstay of light loading town services - latterly being swept away by influxes of new ADL replacements. That process is now complete with the surviving Solos awaiting buyers at Rigby Road. However as in many previous instances in the past one example has gained a second life with Blackpool Transport, to become a Driver Training Vehicle.

Number 296 very much in its final as withdrawn from service condition but with added signage to warn the public of its new training duties for wannabe BTS drivers. The current driver (from Bulgaria) had passed his test and taking a brief break allowing the Author to capture this now rare breed still extant. Number 292 gives away its age through its 07 Registration plate which is not as old as some of the still operating Trident examples.

A few images taken today :

One for the Album - the Author records the scene . It is to be hoped that BTS and its bus adherents find their way to ensuring 292 passes into preservation 'as is' in this final condition rather than being scrapped. And Below : Just in Case drivers following weren't on their Guard !

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