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Welcome to the United Kingdom - President Trump

In contrast to the protesting scenes in the capital today and obnoxious utterings of London's Mayor - a certain Sadiq Khan - we utilise today's blog with some images from the United States and happy memories of trolley museum travels.

Below : Two former Third Avenue Railway lightweight cars returned from postwar exile in Vienna to the Branford (CT) Museum. TARS 629 seen here in company of two exotic works cars at the Museum. Nearer to home - TARS 674 displayed at the Crich Museum and seen here during my visit last month - well kept but sadly little used.

Below : A marvellous Baltimore convertible in immaculate condition at that city's trolley museum and its visitor centre turning circle. A Baltimore PCC edges in on the scene while an earlier Peter Witt type car in 1930s livery is caught trailing behind.

A New Orleans streetcar branded for the Riverfront Line in that city. Below :

Port Authority Transit PCC car in Pittsburgh one of many colourful examples before the light rail upgrade of that system in the 1980s - shades of Blackpool's experience...

Below : PAT Paint Shop must have been enjoying themselves in those amazing years.

Below : rear contrasts in Philadelphia with three SEPTA PCC cars lined up - two in the 'Gulf Oil' livery which initially replaced the former PTC standard green with maroon belt rail relief and cream upper. And not often we get a Russian tram on these pages - but this example is from Orel and gifted to the Market Street Railway collection in San Francisco - seen here in open depot storage with a Hiroshima car just in view.

All Images : John Woodman

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