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More Images From Sandtoft

A rare visit to the UK's principal collection of trolleybuses at Sandtoft this past weekend warrants further glimpses of this noteworthy specialist transport museum.

The small town of Maidstone operated a compact system with conservative light brown livery on its trolleybuses. One survivor (72) was on display at the time of my visit. Elsewhere a duo of Bradford trolleybuses were parked away from the main storage and display area - above right. Below : a very long way from home was this exile from Edmonton, Canada with typical GM 1960s style bodywork. Number 189 shows off its somewhat alien looks at Sandtoft.

By way of contrast the offside profile of a classic Bournemouth pre-war trolleybus.

Nottingham and South Shields trolleybuses jostle? for attention of the camera.

Elsewhere French, South African and other imports are hidden away but saved for posterity.


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