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More Important Matters

Following on the very public thumbs down for both Tories and Labour at the English Local Elections on Thursday this week it was timely to have at hand the leading player of the recently formed Brexit Party at an event hosted at the AFC Fylde football stadium at Wesham today. Scourge of the UK's two main political parties, Nigel Farage, spoke to a packed audience this Saturday along with Ann Widdecombe and the Brexit Party MEP Candidates for the European elections to be held (in the UK) on 23 May.

A clearly informed team of Brexit candidates nominated for NW MEP regional seats were on hand to acclaim their support and engagement with the objectives of the new Political Party literally entering the stage for the first time. One of the speakers was clearly engaged with UK Fishing rights and the need for this country to establish control over territorial waters pursuant to the UK's exiting the European Union. Fleetwood was cited as an example of how EU Fisheries policies have destroyed coastal fishing towns like Fleetwood - with similar experience of Danish fishing communities being cited firsthand by the Speaker (and MEP Candidate).

Education, the NHS and welfare being among several keynote topics addressed by the panel of Speakers together with an overriding case for rebuttal of the two main UK political parties and Westminster Parliament's sustained campaign to dilute and negate the outcome of the 2016 Referendum result. Culminating the current concordat between the two Main Party Leaders in a shared attempt to cobble together a 'get out' clause that could see a Withdrawal Agreement (or by whatever name) to put to the Brussels apparatchiks later this month. One which has the necessary sign off by a supine Parliament willing to ignore and negate the majority Leave Vote in 2016.

In this case the new Party intends to ensure such a step is appropriately dealt with at the next General Election by rejection of both Labour and Conservative Parties at a national level. Whilst the Local Election result clearly demonstrates widespread public anger on Parliamentary machinations - the inevitable General Election (whenever it is called) will have far greater consequences and impact on current Members seeking reelection.

For those concerned at the apparent quietude of Mr Colin MacLeod - a reassuring photo taken today at the AFC Fylde event - together with familiar faces addressing an audience drawn from well beyond the Fylde districts.

Mr MacLeod back in his comfort zone - but without a tram in sight....

A certain celebrity makes her points with vigour and humour - and gets the crowd on its feet (behind the camera!)...

No need to name names here !

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