Bispham Library Stop - Sixty Years On

April 23, 2019

Two images taken by the Author at Bispham Library Bus Stop with contrasting new Blackpool buses over sixty years - extract from the forthcoming book on Blackpool's buses from 2021 to 2020 to go to print by Rigby Road Publishing next year:


Below :  PD2 MetCam bodied PD2/27 313 delivered April 1958 on the 22 Service to Halfway House.   A similar bus overtakes on the 15A Service to Hospital from Bispham Tram Depot on Red Bank Road.     Image :   John Woodman




















Below :   The same scene in April 2019 with ADL 453 on Service 9 from Cleveleys Bus Station to Blackpool Town Centre.    Note the changed bus shelter - this one still in good condition.   The bus has total capacity of over 100 (including 33 Standing!).  Image :  John Woodman


And for a tailpiece :

The Bus Shelter Ten Points.  The Bus Stop Nul Points.    Bispham Library closed over seven years ago being moved to Moorpark Baths and Medical Centre on Bristol Avenue.   The Catch22 Bus Services to Mereside was withdrawn years ago whilst Metro Coastlines was phased out in 2009.!    Someone in charge of bus stops (and shelters) is way behind the times - but still drawing a salary from the Council ....











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