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Blackpool 2 Fleetwood Town 1

The local football derby took place today at Bloomfield Road. This is one of the rare soccer matches where supporters of rival local teams can commute to the match at respective home and away games - by tram.

The match was preceded by some raucous singing at the Manchester which was surrounded by police complete with vans and horses. The Fleetwood Town supporters were then escorted down Rigby Road by close police presence to the Away Supporters gates on the eastern side of the Bloomfield Road Ground. Blackpool Supporters were kept well away with Lytham Road blocked off to traffic and supporters of both sides.

Blackpool Transport offices were thus witness to an unusual procession of Fleetwood team supporters parading slowly on their way from the promenade to the Ground.

Ash Street, Fleetwood on a glorious Easter Monday afternoon as Fleetwood Town Supporters gather for the tram to Blackpool.

Departing at the Manchester with Supporters of both teams. Below the scene outside the Manchester with Fleetwood Town 'kettled' by police before being escorted to the Away entry point at Bloomfield Road ground.

Tram tracks to Hopton Road temporarily blocked.

Welcome to Rigby Road - with the crowd being escorted BTS

The Match ended with an Extra Time goal Blackpool 2 Fleetwood Town 1 (but Fleetwood have a game in hand).

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