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Spring Arrives Bringing New Shelters

Well it doesn't exactly feel like spring with harsh biting westerly winds and cold temperatures - but yet here we are. And with it comes arrival of - wait for it ---- new bus shelters. The contract signed off a few weeks back has resulted in the first of the replacement bus shelters being installed as we speak at the 'Squirrel' stops on Bispham Road - long familiar to the Author.

A Congleton contractor has been assigned the task of replacing Blackpool's 1970's shelters - many with dilapidated conditions - with a new 'corporate' style that also replicates the BTS 'Palladium' fleet colours. Images taken today show the new shelters being erected on Bispham Road by a hardy duo also responsible for removing the old versions. Glazing, seating and panels have yet to be added but this will be done very quickly I was informed - with the team deploying around the town just in time for the Council Elections in early May.

Workmen engaged in constructing the frame of the replacement bus shelter inbound at the Squirrel stop on Bispham Road today. Note the BTS Palladium 'yellow' frame trim - a nice touch.

Completed shelter frame at the outbound stop on Bispham Road - glazing, seats and signage to follow. The installed power point might present an obstacle to pedestrians and mobility scooters which are reaching enormous sizes in this part of the UK. A licensing requirement for these proliferating nuisances might bring the Council some much needed revenue.

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