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The UK wide national referendum on whether or not the country should remain a Member of the European Union, or leave the EU took place on 23 June 2016.

Nationally 46,500, 000 (rounded total) voted; representing 72.2% of registered voters.

The result saw 17,410,000 (rounded total) voted LEAVE and 16,141,000 vote REMAIN

In the northwest an overwhelming vote LEAVE was registered in local areas as follows :

BLACKPOOL 27,000 REMAIN (32%) 45,000 (rounded totals) LEAVE (67.5%)

WYRE 22,000 REMAIN (36%) 41,000 (rounded totals) LEAVE (63%)

FYLDE 19,000 REMAIN (32%) 26,000 (rounded totals) LEAVE (57%)

All political parties and their local candidates take note

These referendum results reflect the overwhelming voting preference of coastal communities throughout England from the south west to the northeast : (and many more besides).

* As of March 22nd we have been channelled into an endgame dictated by the EU at its Brussels conclave this week. Just how the UK came to be a supplicant seeking terms from our 'European Partners' after the national referendum in which a majority voted to get out of the European Union is a question which will long be analysed in decades ahead. Public disquiet and discontent over the machinations of Westminster politicians and lobbyists insistence that we got it wrong three years ago is mounting. The sight of blue flags lining fences outside the Palace of Westminster, joined by raucous baying of an insistent cadre threatening politicians and public alike with their contrary view of democracy - only underlines the disconnect between communities elsewhere in Britain and the 'Westminster Bubble'. The seeds of more than vocal discord are on daily view every news bulletin. A high price is being paid for vacillation in Parliament and this Government in name only.

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