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Blackpool Today

A typical dreck day nonetheless afforded the opportunity to update on progress with the Talbot Road tramway extension. Traffic is now using the upper section from Abingdon Street junction to Dickson Road junction which benefits from new traffic lights controlling this important intersection. Tram track leads into the entrance area of the condemned Wilko property but no overhead poles or wiring have been implanted thus far in this section.

From Abingdon Street junction down to Talbot Square a single westbound traffic lane is functioning whilst contractors continue to work on the inbound platform stop (see images). Extensive remedial work continues on the promenade where the northern bound track connection links with the promenade line. No details are given on the reason for the excavation of recently embedded foundations and roadway at this point. Overhead poles have been installed in and around the Talbot Square junction and along Talbot Road as far as Abingdon Street.

Above : The Talbot Square tram station platform is well advanced as the above images taken today demonstrate. It looks like a simple platform space is adequate for this purpose with no shelter requirement. Steelwork for the new hotel filling in the space of Yates Wine Lodge is complete in the background.

Traffic is flowing more smoothly due to the reopened Promenade although work ongoing in Talbot Square means limits on access by vehicles. But there is evident progress overall which was especially needed with the Royal visit to Blackpool earlier in the week. No news so far on the Wilko store demolition timeframe - a highly relevant issue upon which the reintroduction of trams to North Station depends.

Talbot Road complete with tramway in situ - and now traffic flow to Talbot Square as two BTS buses demonstrate. Work continues with contractors carrying out further tidying up and installation of traction poles awaited east of Abingdon Street junction as far as the Wilko site.

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