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Bring on the Poles

Work continues apace on the track and roadway in Talbot Square and up Talbot Road. Almost overnight the overhead wire poles have been inserted into prepared mounts as far as the Abingdon Street junction. Painted in a shiny black they contrast with the diversity of painted traction poles from Fleetwood to Starr Gate.

Below : work underway preparing the ground for the new Talbot Square tram stop platform (inbound to North Station). Tapered traction poles already embedded on both sides of the roadway. In the distance poles for the junction in Talbot Square are visible.

Above : Groundwork for Talbot Square inbound platform is well underway outside the former RBS bank building. Whether this will feature a shelter is questionable given the narrow pedestrian pavement at this point - as well as the robust nightlife which is a feature now of Blackpool's town centre.

Particularly distressing are the 80% of vacant properties along Talbot Road with tattered frontage and interminable 'TO LET' and 'FOR SALE' signage as if anyone in their right mind is going to take long lease or purchase of ageing buildings in a now almost derelict area of Blackpool's town centre. More on this anon.

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