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The Queue For Hell

I am joining the lengthening queue for Hell along with a sizeable percentage of the population of this country. That is the destination promised by the European Commission's head honcho - Donald Tusk for all of us for voting to restore something of this country's self reliance in the 2016 national referendum on EU Membership.

Joined at the podium today by Ireland's First Minister the European bloated Commission of timeservers showed its true colours of contempt and viciousness towards any sign of contrary views to its own Brussels political pre-ordained strategies for a continent.

If ever there was a clear signal to a democracy on need to free itself from the shackles and clutches of unelected powers now established with almost lifetime sinecures in Brussels - Mr Tusk showed the true colours of this controlling setup. Intentionally or otherwise his comments laid bare what the UK is dealing with (or rather the leadership of the Conservative Party) in fulfilling the national mandate voted in 2016. Using the pretext of the Northern Ireland land border with the Republic of Ireland - forces aligned with the Brussels heirarchy and powerful corporate interests are putting in place their final barrier to a so-called 'Deal'. Whether this Government's hidden negotiators have actually banged on the table as a certain Prime Minister did years back in calling time on demands and challenges from this Brussels based mafia - I have my doubt.

But we are where we are. The clock is inexorably (and fortunately) ticking down to the end of March and the EXIT door. The strong willed need to ensure it is opened wide whilst weasly words and subterfuge in Parliament by cabals of Members seek to delay, defer, thwart and otherwise render futile the result of the Referendum. I wonder if narrow counts at Constituency Elections would ever be subjected to the same treatment - I very much doubt it. Sorry you only won by a few hundred votes out of umpteen thousand, you didn't get the Seat / deserve to be elected Mr/Ms (pick a name).

We have a minority Government clutching desperately at the reins of power grappling with fundamental issue of honouring the result of the EU Referendum. Its struggle to maintain any degree of credibility is played out night after night on media channels - whilst the European Politburo in Brussels play games with this country's democratic institutions and the inherent weaknesses on full view in Parliament (and Number 10).

No Deal is better than a Bad Deal. Saving over £30 BILLION from the national exchequer as a price of leaving the club - when food banks are opening all over the country, and less fortunate are struggling to just get by, corporate boards are essentially raping this market for private profit (not all - but you know the names of the obvious businesses shuffling revenue and profits earned in the UK to outside jurisdictions and minimising their tax obligation to nominal amounts whilst laughing all the way to their offshore stakeholders). Trains that dont run on time and cram commuters in like cattle whilst charging the highest fares per mile of any railway in Europe - and shuffling their subsidised revenues to foreign owners topped up by UK government giveaways. This is the UK we live in as we seek to break free of a system inherently at odds with its people all over a continent.

Thank you Mr Tusk for your sentiments today - along with Messrs Varadkar, Verhorstad (who is he?) and fellow sheep on the other side of a thankfully wide expanse of water.

As I ponder on the sacrifice made in blood by British and Commonwealth citizens in uniform commemorated on neat portland headstone markers - in Belgium, Holland, Italy, France and further afield across Europe. I doubt that similar national self sacrifice will be forthcoming the next time a crisis threatens the wellbeing of the continent.

Following on challenges this country is facing in actually using its return ticket from the EU to regaining its national sovereignty - I am very glad joining the queue for Hell.

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