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Talbot Road Update

In spite of the inclement weather with wind and rain in cold temperatures the contractors at work on the North Station tramway extension are rapidly pushing forward with track installation and road work. This is particularly evident with the three way junction being laid out on Talbot Square, together with preparatory groundwork for the new tram station stop (inbound) which is a feature of the extension.

Some further images taken this week :

An enormous pile driver and drill dominates Talbot Road in the above scene.

Hectic work underway this week to complete pointwork and special track crossing at the junction of the twintrack northbound connection from the promenade leading into Talbot Square and the southbound link. The former Marton route tram terminus is at the left hand side of the image more or less where the special lighting pillar is sited. All of the old tram track has now been removed although remnants continue to show up in excavation of the promenade road surface.

Looking east from the promenade tramway - the curving links are clearly in view with the southbound connection being more advanced (far left).

A further view of excavation work to remove large concrete installations uncovered as the road surface was removed. Need for pile driving to break up the concrete mass. The completion of the track connection from the southbound line to the new curve into Talbot Square awaits this attention seen here. All Images : John Woodman - this week

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