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Talbot Road Tramway Progress

Further views along Talbot Road with tram track installed and awaiting final completion in 2019 up to the terminus layout awaiting demolition of the Wilko store and car park.

The section awaiting track installation between Abingdon Street and Dickson Road. This may well be provided with a crossover or stub track terminus and single platform pending the completion of the approved terminus on the site of the Wilko store top left. Plans for this finished section below :

The green shaded tracks to be installed after demolition of the Wilko property and site preparation for the tram terminus plus new commercial buildings on either side. A walkway or escalator will lead down to the North Station precinct from the upper right hand shaded area. Below : tram tracks installed looking towards Abingdon Street road junction (middle).

Tracks leading down into Talbot Square. Road surface unfinished. A new hotel is being built on the site of the former Yates Wine Lodge (left hand side).

Above : double turnout from the Promenade facing towards Talbot Square installed as part of the tramway upgrade 2010/11. And below : curving tracks being installed this week to connect with the turnout. Similar dual track connection is being laid to access from the south with pointwork middle left - partly hidden.

All Images : John Woodman November 21 - 23. 2018

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