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Layton Tram Tracks Remembered

Renewal of work at the top end of Talbot Road and the important road junction in front of the Wilko store has begun in earnest this past week. The entire road surface and its underpinnings have been churned up with diggers across the Talbot and Dickson Road crossing where new tram tracks are to be inserted which will lead on to the Wilko store site (after its demolition). The remaining section of roadway on Talbot Road leading up from Talbot Square to Dickson Road is now being cleared entirely so the new concrete track base can be created. In so doing the Layton tramway is being revealed yet again, this time the inbound section from Dickson Road junction leading towards Abingdon Street. A remarkable entire stretch with the road surface scraped off has left a visible remnant of this former tram route, if only for a brief few days until contractors get to work uplifting the steel rail.

Above : the scene today looking out from the entrance to Wilko's store on to the road junction of Talbot Road with Dickson Road and contractor's clearance of the former road surface and paving entirely. Tram track had been removed previously from this junction in reconstruction of the road just a few years ago.

Below : Once upon a time Standard cars rolled sedately along these rails on their way from Layton Cemetery Gates to Talbot Square. Both Images : John Woodman

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