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Old Soldiers Never Die

Amid all the snapping on the promenade several further Blackpool trams survive at Fleetwood where they are destined for a waterfront development currently being worked on with several companies.

A special visit this week from the House of Lords Select Committee Members to Wyre Dock prompted installation of some fresh indicator screens on the stalwarts stored there.

That's the flag of the Hong Kong territory on the front with the PRC flag flying alongside. Chinese attention on the Wyre Dock scheme remains strong and growing.

Another old favourite - Brush Car 300 aka 637 in its original Blackpool Zoo signage is boasting Broadwater as its destination (sadly no longer possible).

And still smart looking Control Trailer 683 in Metro Coastlines branding now heading for Cabin in September 2018. Motor Unit 673 to the left. Images : John Woodman

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