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More Goodbyes

Even Blackpool's trams carry notices of impending new buses on Services 3 and 4.

School peak loading of a Solo on Service 3 at Bispham Village today. Whilst below a Resort Pass Branded Solo also on Service 3 departs from the disgraceful shelter stop on Warbreck Hill Road. Local Ward Councillors 'Danny & Michele' (the Scotts) finally woke up to the wretched condition of this abomination of a bus shelter which has been in this state for several years and despite complaints from residents has remained as a blot on the Warbreck Hill landscape for much of this millenium. Wake up Blackpool Council. It will be interesting to contrast the smart new buses due to begin service on the 3 and 4 routes from next week and the condition of this Council maintained shelter.

And whilst we are back on this latest rant on Blackpool Council's bus and tram shelters take a look at the tram shelters at Cabin whose transparent roof 'glazing; has not seen a cleaner since the shelters were erected in 2011. The Councll Department responsible is quite ready and quick to grab the revenue from advertising panels on these morbid venues but loath to expend a penny on their upkeep, maintenance or general cleanliness. Don't think that travellers waiting at these ramshackle stops don't notice the rundown and third world condition of transport infrastructure in the town - they do. At least the Operator, Blackpool Transport Services makes an effort with the vehicles it owns to deliver a positive impression although someone should start with a paint brush and rebranding of the trams themselves.

Just in case any reader might not be sure which shelter is featured here (in all its filthy state) its the southbound one at the Cabin. Images : June 19 2018

Nice way to greet your visitors travelling into town on the tram from their hotels.

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