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Perth or Bust

Thanks to intrepid traveller Derek Redmond we are pleased to provide some very recent images from the Whitman Park Tramway Museum in Western Australia. Derek was on a family journey (and is still travelling) but took the opportunity to revisit this outpost of tramway heritage; one which rarely features in news coverage in the 'old country'.

Derek's mission was to track down (literally) a still extant example of a low floor centre entrance tram developed in the US in the early 1900s. Two such cars were exported to Australia one of which went to the Perth tram system and which has managed to survive all these years, albeit in a tired shape and minus its unusual running equipment and electrical controls. As reported previously on this Blog Perth 63 is the 'jewel in the crown' for the Perth museum group and is used in the society's logo.

The fullest story of 63 and its sister cars in the States plus the Broadway Battleship (6000) will feature in the forthcoming book by Rigby Road Publishing 'Broadway to Blackpool'. Advance orders being taken with details on our Shop page.

The inspection of 63 this month one sunny weekend saw also Derek take benefit of a ride on MMTB 1017 which was the operating car on the museum line during his visit. It is notable that the Museum uses high platform access for these central entrance trams - far higher of course than those in Blackpool, but slightly less so than the Metrolink system. Thank you Derek to whom these images are credited...

Both Images Courtesy : Intrepid Traveller Derek Redmond

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