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Making Tracks

The rubble strewn area surrounding Blackpool's Town Hall throughout what was once familiarly known as Talbot Square and up Talbot Road (as far as Abingdon Street) is still giving up its formerly hidden tramway history. Contractors are now fully engaged in preparing groundwork for the new generation of services which will once more bring electric trams from the Promenade, through Talbot Square and up to Blackpool North railway station (or close proximity to its precinct).

Work is correctly being carried out in phases with the Talbot Square and Talbot Road to Abingdon Street section being prepared for tram track installation first. The connection over the promenade and station stop platform (eastbound) on Talbot Square to follow this winter - presumably along with the upper section of Talbot Road from Abingdon Street junction to Dickson Road.

Rail pointwork exposed (Marton terminus track)

Remnant of the Marton terminus rail pointing towards Clifton Street ahead.

As ground clearance continues so do remnants of the Marton and Layton tram terminus show themselves to probably bedevil contractors. It should be remembered that Talbot Square was an important terminal point for two tram services which straddled the central island shelter complex (complete with underground lavatories) once familiar to residents and visitors in earlier generations. Track from these two services is again evident directly in front of the Town Hall currently. Below : trackwork heading for North Station and Layton with Blackpool Town Hall presenting a notable civic backdrop amid a sea of infrastructural change in Talbot Square. Images : John Woodman

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