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Thanks to the ever travelling camera of Peter Watts, (he of destination blind fame) we are able to post three images from the Bavarian capital taken over the past few days.

Munich is forever famous for beer served in 2 Litre glass steins, and trams (once upon a time) painted pale blue with cream relief. The Bavarian State's colours being that distinctive blue.

The city's transport system was notable up to the millenium for equally distinctive designs and well proportioned tram types (the cars, not the enthusiasts or passengers). A coupled set of these once familiar units is on heritage service during the summer months complete with special roof board promotion and classic (and not obtrusive) side panel designs. Caught by Peter on a bright sunny day it contrasts with the bland and extremely boring later articulated 'trains' which have taken over tramways across Europe (and the UK) in the past two decades. No explanatory comment needed. Below : Heritage tram set led by 2142, with special nostalgia tour banners along the side panels and promotional roof line boards. Note the distinctive cream, pale grey and traditional MVG blue colours tastefully applied to the then fleet.

By way of contrast a later replacement low floor articulated type (Siemens I believe) in a less flattering livery and insipid blue paint probably bought as a cheap discounted lot from a do it yourself chain going out of business?

Below : An even more boring computer generated tram design intended to contrast with the city's classic architecture and generally disfigure the streetscape. Manufacturer unknown and fleet number invisible. Nul Point for style.

All Images : Peter Watts. Thank You Peter. Comments by a less than enthralled John Woodman particularly so when you read previous blogs this past few days featuring both Blackpool (in the 1950s) and Fort Collins, Colorado when styling was paramount.

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