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A Further Tram Book in the Works - 2018

A fascinating story of the more exotic of tram design species will be recounted in a new title now 'in the works' for publication later in the summer - 'From Broadway to Blackpool'. The book records the story of centre entrance double deck trams which found their epitome on Blackpool promenade, with the first example appearing as the famous 'Broadway Battleship' in Manhattan in 1911.

Only a handful of UK tramways engaged in centre entrance tram development, and even fewer operated double deck examples. Most, if not all, are well known to enthusiasts and transport historians specialising in this rare topic. The survival of the now iconic 'Balloon' cars appearing on Blackpool promenade in various shades and guises - is in and of itself a remarkable outcome.

The story begins in the USA, and takes readers to Bombay and Valparaiso with a 1930s flourish in Britain - and especially Blackpool. Details of the new title will be provided online with advance orders being taken from July.

Blackpool's Buses get their time in the sun as well later this year, with the album on successive vehicles operated by both Corporation and Company being highlighted from initial deliveries in 1921 up to latest vehicle arrivals during 2018.

A formidable entrant in the centre entrance double deck 'streetcar' stakes - shown off here in Columbus, Ohio. No prizes for style on this monster... John Woodman Archive.

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