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Warbreck Ward's Disgraceful Shelter

We've been here before in 2017 in observing the lamentable condition of many of Blackpool Council's bus shelters. But the disgraceful 'shelter' on Warbreck Hill Road has generated no interest whatsoever from the two responsible Council Members for Warbreck Ward. This example continues to deteriorate to a point where it serves little purpose other than embarrassing residents using the local BTS bus service.

On a positive note a similarly awful bus shelter directly outside the Blackpool & The Fylde College campus in Bispham - has been replaced with a new model since its condition was highlighted in this blog.

There are two Conservative Councillors for Warbreck Ward. Neither apparently uses Blackpool's bus services nor shown awareness of this major blot on the landscape in their locality. Its high time for Blackpool Council to sign over responsibility for passenger shelters to a company which is delivering smart vehicles and a modern image - and making a positive difference to the town's image.

A classic example of Council neglect and sad political representation in Warbreck Ward.

Would you want to wait for your bus in a shelter like this ?

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