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The Old Order Changeth

Blackpool's evolving municipal (publicly owned) bus operation has seen many chapters in its history since inception of the first motor bus service in 1921 linking Thornton Railway Station with the Cleveleys Tramroad Station. An album of images that reflect the fast changing styles, vehicles and liveries over nearly a century will be published by Rigby Road Publishing later this year.

The past decade has seen three very different 'brands' under successive management with changes at the top heralding the introduction of a 'new look' in the bus fleet. The latest of course being 'Palladium' livery introduced complete with smart new vehicles by the current Managing Director, Jane Cole. Her predecessor had similarly introduced a corporate standardised vehicle brand which did away with the Metro Coastlines multi-hued fleet of Blackpool Transport from 2000 under management of Steve Burd. At least the Paint Shop got a break ! Both Images : John Woodman

Almost two decades mark the change in bus body work styling. From the angular to the rounded - probably encouraged by the 'Borismaster' design for London. Cleveleys Bus Station on 24 February and contrasting Blackpool Transport buses of successive generations. A slight adjustment to the livery can be discerned ! Mr Robert's bold swoop makes way for Janet Cole's studied highlight outline treatment. The all black rear on 365 is definitely not an award winner when contrasting to the 'Palladium' look.

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