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Poulton Variations

Poulton Junction (or at least what's left of it). A train of wagons with ballast seen parked on the Blackpool to Preston line this morning. The Signal Box remains but is now only a memory as far as controlling the semaphore signals on the Fylde line. A token semaphore can be seen on the equally dormant Fleetwood branch line curving off on the right of the image. No doubt this will remain as a permanent memorial to another age. The track junction itself is of course disconnected. Below : same location and a glimpse of the newly installed overhead gantrys which are being embedded along the entire line from Preston to Blackpool North station. Poulton station is just behind the road bridge carrying Breck Road out of Poulton centre.

And for the buses this morning : All Images John Woodman

Service 2 still is held down by Blackpool's diminishing 'Trident' fleet with an example seen here in Poulton this morning. The central road layout means the bus has to make a complete 360 degree journey to continue its route. Sharing services to Poulton is this smart example from the Catch22Bus fleet on its popular Cleveleys, Thornton, Poulton and Fleetwood service 24. A big advance on the second hand former Cardiff buses which the company operated in 2016.

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