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Not a flake in sight

A passing encounter at Rigby Road today saw the standby snowplough being shunted briefly on to Hopton Road - no doubt in preparation for any contingency during the current weather conditions this January. Whilst Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts

of northern England have had to deal with sustained snowfall during the past few days - so far the west coast has only had to face severe gale force winds and high tides. I qualify the word 'only', given the wind chill factor making the exposed Fylde coastline a bitterly cold place to be for any length of time.

Balloon Car 711 in its Blackpool Council branded colours certainly looks impressive married to the yellow snow plough fixture but has yet to test its strength in any meaningful encounter with the white stuff - so far not a flake in sight.

All ready for action : Hopton Road, Thursday Morning. Photos : John Woodman

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