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A New Depot In View

The opportunity to place some of the FHLT's trams into a secure structure with potential for restoration is emerging from exploratory discussions now underway in Fleetwood. Examination of the building reveals office and workshop space suited to medium term storage and refurbishment work on up to six trams.

An agreement on terms will be negotiated next year allowing transfer of at least three of the trams presently stored at Wyre Dock to be moved under cover. It is likely that these will include Balloon Car 710, Motor Unit 678 and the Brush Car in private ownership but committed to the Fleetwood Quays scheme which requires a year round tourist tram service on the proposed dockside line.

A larger scale exhibition capable of displaying more trams is also anticipated. Some photos showing the scale of one section of the structure taken last week :

Above : an almost pristine environment whilst below - an older section of the building requiring some tlc and a new purpose.

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