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Lewis Lesley Checks In

The Trust's site at Wyre Dock had a special visitor this week in the form of Dr Lewis Lesley. His company is now fully engaged with plans for a light rail line in Preston which initially involves use of disused railway track in the ownership of Network Rail. In recent days the announcement of proposals in Fleetwood which may impact on the dormant railway link which still exists even if it hasn't actually provided any meaningful role for the town in over forty years - has the attention of Trampower's team.

Expanding discussions between Trampower, Network Rail and Lancashire County Council involving the Preston 'Guild Line' proposal have a timely parallel with emerging initiatives in the Fylde; albeit these are at a very exploratory stage. The launch this week of 'Fleetwood Quays' attracted considerable media attention and its tramway feature, among many other investments, has resulted in positive feedback from several quarters. Of course Trampower is no stranger to the Fylde coast seeing its prototype demonstrator tested extensively along the tramway over several months until a suspicious fire inside one cab caused its premature withdrawal. However the company was responsible for the very first light rail articulated low floor tram to have operated on the Fylde coast's tramway thus gaining a place in the record books, as well as future histories on the evolving nature of the Blackpool to Fleetwood link.

Below : Colin MacLeod was on hand to share detailed information with Dr Lesley on the Trust's plans and more recent developments announced this week.

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