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Remembering the Brush Cars in former times

Youthful enthusiasts John Woodman and Derek Redmond enjoy a moment on the platform of Brush Car 287 on Bispham Depot track fan in 1959. Of note are the distinctive numerals which needed to avoid any clash with English Electric's own style used on its cars for Blackpool (and other systems such as Belfast). Also the 'pockets' housing the sliding centre door panels on each side of the entrance platform.

Lancaster Grammar School and Blackpool Grammar School pupils with shared interest in Britain's diminishing tramways. We went on to pay our respects to remaining systems in Leeds, Sheffield and Glasgow, as these once great tramway redoubts gave way to buses. Derek would in time become President of the Tramway Museum Society in addition to giving his weekends up to driving his favourite cars at Crich and assisting the Tramway Sponsorship Organisation with its fund raising for restoration projects of varied kinds over the years. The latter position he retired from a while back.

My own exploits were of a transatlantic nature, involving of course Boat Car 603 and its shipment to Philadelphia among other colourful challenges. Paths crossed again decades later after water had passed under multiple bridges; but still retaining our shared and instinctive interest in 'old trams'. They still occur from time to time in Blackpool but alas Bispham Tram Depot on Red Bank Road is now long gone, as has much more of former interest.

Brush Car 287 provides an appropriate backdrop for this particular Memory Lane blog.

Image : John Woodman Archive

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