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Purple Tram 641 / Yellow Tram 642

Work on rebranding Centenary 641 is now well underway with all over purple coating now covering much of the bodywork. This presents quite a startling appearance after nearly three years of tangerine, white and black for Blackpool Football Club.

Further work on the tram is anticipated in the coming days although the UK weather is hardly cooperating as far as English summertime is concerned.

Presenting a wholly new appearance in all over purple - not too dissimilar to the all-over paint work styling of BTS on 642 (in yellow) before its withdrawal from regular service.

Repairs to the fence surrounding 641 are being carried out prior to it being given a fresh coat of white paint. Panels have been removed from previous displays. Below :

Trustee Colin MacLeod (surely a prison term?) stands guard at the recently repainted front fender whilst fence painting carries on today Thursday.

Glorious backdrop of sunset shows up the profile of a Centenary Car. Arrangements to complete the sponsor's hard work will ensure it is ready for the Lights Switch-On and the important charity network Walk in early September which will see thousands of visitors in attendance.

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