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A classic Glasgow tram 1115 which hasn't been a runner for several decades now but it imposing even as a static exhibit here. Below : Seen in its prime outside Partick Depot when still operating the 26 Service to Shawfield and advertising Vernons Pools.

Metropolitan Tramways experimental centre entrance 331 of 1931 - in its side on glory.

The same year of construction saw LCC 1 being designed and built as prototype for a new series of then modern trams for London. Alas the formation of London Transport put paid to all that and Number 1 became (like 331) a solitary experiment - but against the odds both trams survive today with Number 1 well on its way to its original styling in a dramatic dark blue and white livery - the lower panelling now showing this version.

Alongside the bodyframe is a working 'table' holding all manner of components, piping and the like - tagged and ready to be refitted as work progresses. The original dash has traces of the inverted white vee paintwork under the headlamp and fleet number.

By way of contrast traditional British double deck styling of the 1920s and Leeds 399 is stunning in the fleet livery of that period. Imagine a street full of these trams on a busy shopping day.

The outcome of months of paint stripping and much more with the seat fittings on the boat car (and interior side panels) having been meticulously cleaned and varnished to restore them to as built condition. A few familiar cars can be detected alongside.

All images : John Woodman

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