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Love Your Bus - on My Fridge

Whilst Blackpool Transport's books and souvenirs are dominated by the heritage tram story and various trinkets - at least the new ADL Enviro bus design has now just got a look in - in the form of a fridge magnet profile. At a bargain price this new souvenir has gone on sale at the Market Street BTS outlet. One was snapped up today to join the equally striking magnet profile of a Blackpool boat car (228) was purchased by my wife on her visit to San Francisco last year. Standard car 159 is of course from our travels around East Anglia a few years ago.

Buses on transport fridge magnets (outside of London) are rare and the latest product of BTS is a collector's piece well worth investing in if you are passing along Market Street this summer. The real thing was in evidence outside witness the photograph taken in the newly configured bus stance layout - above.

Well done BTS - now can we have one of the Citaro and possibly the yellow and black Trident whilst they are still in service? Magnet images taken on my fridge door ! Below an equally great example of one of the San Francisco Market Street heritage streetcar fleet in glorious blue and yellow livery from the 1950s.

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