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Fleetwood - update

The Trust has been engaged in extended discussion with the owners of Wyre Dock, Associated British Ports, over the past six months. The objectives of the Trust being foremost in exchanges with ABP management - namely the creation of a permanent tram exhibition within a redevelopment of this important waterfront site. The Trust's trams - most of them, have been stored at Wyre Dock courtesy of ABP for the past three years and decisions on their future are required given the intention of ABP to see the property redeveloped.

Drawing on outside advisors and with an invitation from ABP, the Trust has put forward proposals which also incorporate an operating line at Wyre Dock. This forms part of a major leisure led scheme, with several key elements all now under active consideration.

A further aspect of the proposal involves introducing a rail based link on the existing Wyre Dock to Poulton railway line notwithstanding the recent track disconnection at Poulton, and longstanding railway heritage aims on parts of this important preserved infrastructure. Given the growing traffic problems on Fleetwood's main road link to the M55 which require attention, need for a reopened railway service, however delivered, is a factor in ensuring the success of new capital investment at Wyre Dock and more broadly in the town of Fleetwood - especially for leisure travel.

The Trust is now active on several levels in pursuing deliverable solutions for the community as a whole. We are hopeful that these proposals will be placed in the public domain during June; starting of course with the 'tram bit' of especial interest to readers of this Blog.

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