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A European capital with an excellent transport network including suburban electric trains, subways with distinctive station designs, and naturally a tramway network, also operates a traditional or 'heritage' tram as part of a normal service alongside the latest light rail designs. This is Stockholm.

The heritage tram can be seen and ridden on Line 7.

Solidly built bogie car 335 is part of Stockholm's transport network with regular tickets being used on line 7. It helps promote the city's transport museum which is run by the Stockholm County Council.

Inside a classic Stockholm tram from the 1920s. with 24 'sitting places' in two and one seating and large extended platforms. At the other end of the scale is the latest Stockholm tram in delightful pale blue and white fleet colours not dissimilar to those used on the former Lytham St Annes Corporation trams in the 1930s. The fleet numbering would appear to be relatively simple avoiding 'computer clutter'. Images : Steve Meyer-Rassow. A recent visit to the transport museum will be dealt with next.

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