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Blackpool's busiest coach station

With railway construction taking over sections of the line linking Blackpool North to Preston as electrification work progresses weekends see total closure of the line. All rail passengers are being bussed in between the two points with stops as Poulton and Kirkham (as well as Layton on some schedules).

A consequence of this enforced 'bustitution' is the sight of queues of hired coaches drawn from diverse operators (including Blackpool Transport) arriving, departing and laying over outside Blackpool North. The ebb and flow of coaches of all marques and companies far outstrips the volume of traffic at the less than modest 'Coach Station' which has been sited on Central Car Park in recent years.

More lengthy closure of the actual station platform and approach tracks in signalling is forecast at some point in 2017 with initial surveying underway of the existing site and issues which Contractors will need to factor in to their timetables.

We're on our way to Preston - Rail Substitution in full flow at Blackpool North today

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