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Make Britain Great Again

It all started with the Treaty of Rome : Image : John Woodman

This week sees two parallel epoch changing events, with the UK Government laying out its position in removing this country from the stifling tentacles of a European organisation that has lost its way : and the installation of the 45th President of the United States whose widely repeated mantra is 'Make America Great Again'.

Millenia generations have a hard time understanding the values of the independent Britain before unelected elite and obscured interests placed their European veil over democratic processes of this country. A thorough kicking was administered by those of us with long enough memories and like minded realists when the chance came to register disapproval of the status quo last June. Similarly in November, the groundswell of disapproval and massive distaste for what had become permanent political governance by just two self perpetuating Parties (Democrats and Republicans) was registered in the US election - giving rise to the election of Donald Trump as President.

Not only is he NOT a politician and never ran for political office previously (at any level); but he was able to propogate a resounding theme independent of constraints imposed by the Republican Party national committee and machine. The Democrats worked the other way and contrived by every means to ensure that the absolute die cast politician (Mrs Clinton) was enthroned as their candidate. Clearly evident wide popular Democrat support for a maverick candidate on the left - Bernie Sanders, with an anti establishment mantra equal to that of Trump, was edged out, head butted and otherwise done in by cynical tactics of the Democrat Party power players. As a consequence Hilary Clinton was exposed for what she was - continuance of status quo in Washington; and thus lost this US election.

Now in Britain through the sheer chutzpah of one man - Nigel Farage; the country was enabled in 2016 to show its voice and contempt for the EU project and all its machinations, however sugar coated they appear. With the Prime Minister's speech this week making clear Britain wants little or no lingering constraints imposed by Brussels - worms come out of the woodwork casting scorn on a democratic process which has dared to stand up to the imperial progress of the elitist grouping in the Belgian capital, and so called 'European Parliament' in Strasbourg. The self appointed 'European Court of Justice' - a laughable body of anonymous jurists is similarly being given the heave ho, allowing the 'Mother of Parliaments' and this sovereign nation to finally legislate its own laws.

All of this is now taking place on myriad television screens and tablets. Change now dogs every politician in Westminster, and increasingly in local councils. The tail wagging knee jerk reaction to these developments is most noticeable from the Liberal Democrats - a political label with its eight MPs and hardly if any credibility left. Having lied to students to win re-election and harness himself to the Conservatives, the LibDem's European front man, 'Nick Clegg', toothlessly fights night and day to argue against the tide of opinion that we are better off out of the EU (far better off actually). As someone who has benefitted in diverse ways from supping at the Brussels trough he is both a shameless and sad figure. The new LibDem 'Leader' - Tim Fallon, equally finds fault with millions who voted to 'Leave'. So Goodbye LibDems, your time in the UK political footlight is almost over.

Further north an insatiable overriding need to be front and centre in the news requires the long running Scottish Independence Party soap to bang the drum ever loudly. Ignoring the fundamentals of economic realities: ie Scotland on its own would see its standard of living fall through the floor; plus the impossibility of EU Member States sanctioning admittance to their 'club' of a breakaway part of the UK (Spain for one would veto this). Ms (or is it Mrs) Sturgeon stomps her feet at the slightest opportunity in front of the media cameras and microphones. Good theatre if not just a bit repetitive. Scottish banks and politicians in Edinburgh certainly know how to ruin a good thing with mindsets at variance with realities.

As for Labour; the 'Show me' Party under its current cooperative brains trust - its neither fish nor fowel policies at national level are a turn off at the voting booth. Having 'lost' its electoral mandate in Scotland, it has an evens chance of similarly now losing its parliamentary wherewithal in England - with its metropolitan talking shop leadership; not to forget the darkening shadow of Union bosses ever keen to muscle their way into the body politic with not so hidden agenda. Don't get me wrong : Trades Unions have a strong role in constantly looking out for the interests of working men and women at all levels.

So Mrs May has the chance to burnish Britain's status in the world without regard to histrionics of clownish amateurs from Cumbria to north London and Flanders, where pumped up self important politicians snipe and pout at Brexit Britain. The Greeks tried hard to free themselves from contrived financial impediments they were lured into by EU and foreign bankers = and look what happened to Athens. It's a somewhat different outcome in Great Britain conjoining with the reinvigorated United States under President Trump. Of course its going to be a bumpy ride and far from wine and roses ahead; but at least ordinary people have had their say and many embedded rascals are being kicked overboard to take up speaking engagements and directorships in retirement (or tend their gardens). In olden times their fate would have been a lot more final.

Make Britain Great Again has a nice ring to it.

Once Rome ruled Britain - wisely limiting their garrisons to a point below the lowlands of Scotland. In those days leisure games involved far more than kicking or batting balls around but still involved monumental stadia.

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