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Heritage buses around town

The end of 2016 also sees the end of operation of classic buses on Blackpool's promenade. Whilst the heritage tram tours capture public imagination and a lot of publicity, less well known are the 'heritage' buses placed in regular service by 'Catch22buses' running as far north as Fleetwood and all the way to St Annes in the season.

Catch22buses are especially creative at utilising some owned heritage buses as well as loaned examples in the LTT collection. One can travel on a former Blackpool Corporation PD3 or Atlantean, as well as two Routemasters and a former Ribble double deck example - but make your journey soon before the Lights end. From January the use of non DDA compliant (ie kneeling or low entry) buses in public service is banned. Such older vehicles will be limited to private hire and rallys.

Blackpool Transport will be showing off some of their bus types at the special weekend display at Rigby Road later this month marking the 30th Anniversary of this 'arms-length' enterprise owned by Blackpool Council. Outside of London this is the only UK town where urban bus services utilitise long gone British built vehicles of a type familiar to passengers over forty years ago.

A nice heritage bus ride to Cleveleys or alternatively to Blackpool - compliments the heritage tour trams and perhaps there's a lesson there?

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