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Fathers Day

Fathers Day 2016 saw two FHLT Trustees at work on the Trust's collection of trams at Wyre Dock (if only briefly due to rain). Colin MacLeod opted to transfer a nesting seagull pair from their 'traditional' perch on top of Centenary 643 to the less impressive surrounds of a Edinburgh tram top deck closeby. Colin also gave a very clear indication of his personal Referendum intentions by commissioning a personal T Shirt for the occasion. Note the Marton Vambac picture in the background.

I was kept busy transferring items from 643 stored there for the Trust ahead of the tram's removal from Wyre Dock next month. Trailer T7 is now the official storage area for a variety of material parts and tools - or at least one half of the tram. My son and daughter seperately sent their individual Fathers Day greetings card to Blackpool from Oxfordshire with predictable results.

Anyone for birds nest soup ? Mr MacLeod saving a nesting seagull habitat - moving it from the roof of 643 in the background to a more stable locale.

No not a grimace - just a hurried snap in front of T7 - now the 'grey lady'. Two Cards both the same arrived from son and daughter.

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